F042 project was born in 2001 in the hands of Riccardo Pierobon, who hand-drew the first frame on the drawing board. The idea was to create a real racing, bike powered by 2V Ducati engine, like in the '80's with TT series. For this reason the project initially was called 'New TT1'.
The idea was set aside, because in those years the company was simply too busy with projects for MotoGp and Superbike teams & manufacturers. Only in 2005, Massimo Pierobon decided to transfer the design onto cad.

In 2005 the first prototype was born and in November the first frame was exhibited at EICMA. The name was changed from New TT1 to F042, the serial number of the project.
The frame is made in aluminum alloy EN AW-7020, designed using modern technological processes.
The frame is distinguished by its high technology and beauty, voted by MCN one of “The 101 coolest things in motorcycling”.
This frame exalts the agility of the bike, delivers outstandingly precise and intuitive handling & delivering a truly exhilarating ride.

In 2006 begun the production and sale of the first F042 kit.
The standard base kit includes the following parts: frame, swingarm, front and rear sub frame, foot pegs, fuel tank with cap, pump kit, exhaust system, front body pannel with plexiglass, rear body pannel and lower fairing.
The base kit was projected for build a race track bike, replacing the original parts of a 2 valve Ducati 1000DS motorcycle. This allows you to obtain good results: a weight of 145 kg, a wheelbase of 1370 mm and a weight distribution in favor of the front side, offering exceptional driving sensations.
Many components were added at the base kit according to the demands and needs of the customers, to customize and improve their own bike.

In November 2008, also at the EICMA fair in Milan, was introduced the hstreet, the first F042 street motorcycle.
Born and raised on the track, hstreet offers the same emotions of the F042 but on public roads.
Later, in 2010 hstreet naked version was introduced, made more captivating with the new front fairing and with the all-new livery. In this version, the driving position is made more comfortable with the new raised handlebars.

To enhance the feel and traction of the bike was designed and built a new box section swing arm made in aluminum alloy EN AW 7020.
This new project is part of the bike's development program in cooperation with Pierobon dealers, in particular together with Gianfranco Lenci of the Lenci Racing and Brian Sharp of the Boulder Motor Sports. Lenci won the Italian Supertwins championship and Boulder Motor Sports arrived at the second place in U.S. MRA Heavyweight Superbike class, respectively, with the riders Cristiano Franco and Shane Turpin.

At the end of 2011, in honor of 60 years of Pierobon in the world of frames, it was realized the X60R, the extreme evolution of the F042 concept.
The original bike, completely built in Borgo Panigale, Bologna, mounts the adjustable aluminium frame and swingarm derived from the GP bike, Ohlins suspensions, Brembo radial brakes, Termignoni exhuast system, OZ wheels, carbon fiber fairings, AIM digital  instrumentation, wiring harness and EFI ECU dedicated.
The bodywork is carefully designed for aerodynamic efficiency. The increased radiator is integrated in the lower fairing to convey effectively the flow of air into the engine. The air ducts positioned are precisely calculated to provide ample air delivery to the pressurised airbox.
The heart of the motorcycle is the latest generation of twin-cylinder Ducati 2V: 1100 Evo.

Its captivating lines and exceptional motogp performance have one objective...emotion!

Now in the catalog you find over specialised and hand-crafted 200 items which you can use to built and customise your own F042 or X60R.
You can order the complete motorcycle from Pierobon or the basic kit, that together with specially sourced parts, allows you to built your own bespoke 2V 1000/1100cc racing motorcycle .