F042 project comes from the pen of Riccardo Pierobon, first created by hand and then with CAD. In November 2005 the first frame was exhibited at the EICMA in Milan and in 2006 we started the production and sale of the first kits. The kit is designed to build a race bike replacing the original chassis components from a donor 2-valve Ducati. There are over 200 individual parts availablewith which you can build and customize your own bike. At first sight you notice the striking beauty of its simplicity, with its clean lines combining with the extreme chassis. The main part of the trellis frame is in aluminum alloy. In this project there's a concentration of experience and technology that make the motorcycle capable of offering exceptional riding sensations. It is possible to order the complete motorcyle or the kit, which together with other components, allows you to built your own unique racebike.