X80R means "For the 80th anniversary of Riccardo". Our intent was to present the motorcycle in honor of the 80th anniversary of our founder Riccardo Pierobon (born in 1934).

X80R has been developed with the objective of transmitting the feeling of pure fun at maximum power. The first emotion you feel is when you look at it: its attractive and aerodynamics line, the beauty and simplicity of its chassis, show clearly the aggressive and dominant nature of the X80R. The second emotion is when you touch it: a mix of craftsmanship, technology and innovation at the highest levels all at your disposal. The last emotion ... let us know what it is! The X80R kit is designed to accept 4 valves Ducati engine. What we offer you is the possibility to have your own bike with a chassis derived from our extensive experience in the racing scene. The base kit includes: frame, swingarm, chain adjuster kit, fuel tank and its front cover, rear frame, front frame, rear suspension, rocker assembly, footpegs and bodywork. These are the parts necessary to build your X80R. In the  catalog you'll find many other products available to personalise your bike, such as handlebars, triple clamps etc… . All the other components, such as wheels, brake system, front suspension… you can remove them from your current Ducati bike, or you can buy new or used original and aftermarket parts.

The main part of the kit is the tubular trellis frame made out of EN AW-7020 aluminium alloy, which weighs only 7,35 kg. The frame is a combination of technologies and experience gained working closely with factory teams in World Superbikes and MotoGP. At first sight you observe the similarity between X80R frame and F042, X60R frame. This choice was made for two reasons. The first is a technical reason: our intention was to replicate as much as possible the incredible handling obtained with F042 and X60R frames. The frame geometry was modified to have much more feeling from the higher performance engines. The second reason is led by heart, to keep the tradition of forms and features and to recognize quickly that it can be only a Pierobon Frame. The frame is Tig welded and the components are joined with dowel pins to provide the best transmission of loads. The headstock, such as suspension and engine mounts, are cut from aluminium billet. You can also utilise the Ducati eccentric to allow the steering angle regulation. Our main focus has been to provide greater torsional rigidity without compromising lightness and compactness. The frame tubes run very close to the engine. The effect is a better handling performance and greater agility of the bike.

One of the significant features, which makes an important contribution to the X80R's remarkable handling agility and stability, is its box section double-sided swingarm made from sheet and billet in aluminium EN AW-7020. It has been developed following the latest technological trends, the bracing having moved from the top to underneath the swing arm. The result is more traction and feeling. The swingarm improves tyre edge-grip, acceleration, and corner entry. The swingarm is equipped with a chain adjuster kit available in two versions. The first version is composed of left and right chain adjuster and caliper holder. This kit is modular. Two special screws enable quick and precise wheel alignment and chain adjustment. In the second version, more racing, the chain adjusters include also the guides that allow a fast replacement of the rear wheel. In addition the right chain slider and holder caliper are in one monolithic piece, to increase the overall rigidity.

The fuel tank is made in aluminium alloy EN AW-5754. Has a capacity of 16 liters. The tank mounts 848/1098/1198 pump kit, and of other Ducati models. The realization is a fusion of technology and tradition: the bottom side is laser cut and machine bent, the top is finally hand-hammered in Borgo Panigale. The form of the fuel tank is rigorously studied to give maximum comfort and to allow an optimized riding position. To enhance the overall handling qualities, a part of the tank extends down and toward the back of the bike. This keeps the weight from the fuel centrally located as it decreases over race distance. In the front side, near to the headstock, is a formed cover, available in fiberglass and carbon fiber. Its line is studied to give continuity to fuel tank shape. Under the cover are also housed the electronics.

THE RESULT: With an X80R kit, and OEM or aftermarket Ducati components, you are able to achieve a truly exceptional bike with a weight of only 150kg, a wheelbase of 1434 mm and weight distribution favouring the front, that makes the X80R the perfect hand-made race bike to have pure fun with extreme riding emotions. The precise placement of the center of gravity allows total riding control and accentuates its agility. This is only the beginning of development of the X80R. With the help of our expert dealers scattered around the world, we will study and create new components. Our intention is to offer a wide range of customisation as with F042 and X60R models.