X60R is the extreme evolution of the F042 concept to which we directly applied technology derived from MotoGP. The original bike, completely hand-built in Borgo Panigale-Bologna, mounts the fully-adjustable aluminium frame and a swingarm derived from GP design connecting Ohlins suspension and OZ Racing wheels. Carbon fiber fairings compliment AIM digital instrumentation and wiring harness, all controlled by a dedicated EFI-brand ECU. The new bodywork has been carefully designed for aerodynamic efficiency including an oversize oil-cooler integrated into the lower fairing section to allow the most effective airflow across the engine. The twin air-intakes frontal-position is also precisely calculated to provide uninterupted air delivery to the pressurised airbox. At the heart of the motorcycle is the latest generation twin-cylinder Ducati air/oil cooled 2V 1100 Evo. The captivating lines and exceptional Motogp-level of construction have one objective...pure emotion!

Order the complete motorcycle or just the kit, which together with other chosen components from a donor bike, allows you to built your own unique bike. Pierobon X60R...the perfect synthesis of tradition and technology.